10 Commandments

of Growing Roses

Here are the 10 Commandments every new rosarian should be cognizant of when working with roses.

I. Locate Beds Properly

Thou shalt plant away from competition with trees and shrubs in an area of at least 6 hrs of sun, in good well drained, previously prepared soil.

II. Prepare Soil Thoroughly

Thou shalt prepare the soil to the depth of 18-24”, incorporating organic matter and other amendments gen- erously to create a sandy loam with a pH of 6.5-6.8.

III. Plant Carefully

Thou shalt plant good quality, disease resistant varieties, suitable for your area, and only as many as you can successfully manage. Thou shalt typically space your roses, 36 – 42 inches on center, in a well prepared  hole, 18” deep by 24” inches wide.

IV. Prune with Common Sense

Thou shalt commence spring pruning once growth has started and thou shalt remove all dead, diseased, 3/8” or less in diameter stems and crossing growth.

V. Feed Judiciously

Thou shalt fertilizer your roses on a regular basis beginning right after pruning , using a complete fertilizer at least monthly.   Thou shalt not apply nitrogen containing fertilizer after August 15th.

VI. Water Prudently

Thou shalt water, water, water, carefully making certain that the foliage has time to dry before evening. Thou shalt make sure that your roses receive at least 1” of water each week. Thou shalt also water well be- fore applying fertilizer or spraying and after applying fertilizer.

VII. Mulch and Relax

Thou shalt mulch your roses after the soil warms to reduce and conserve water, decrease diseases and re- build soil structure. Thou shalt take time to enjoy your roses.

VIII. Treat for Diseases and Pest Regularly

Thou shalt develop and implement a regular fungicide spray program to prevent diseases. Thou shalt only use chemicals according to directions and thou shalt protect thyself when mixing, applying and during clean up.

IX. Winter Protection

Thou shalt employ winter protection on the roses that require such and shalt do so around October 15th.

X. Love Your Roses

Thou shalt love your roses enough to know when they are healthy and not disturb them with unnecessary attention, application of chemicals, or fuss over every little thing.

Extra commandment:

XI. Join a Rose Society

Thou shalt join a rose society to learn more, experience the fun and meet new friends.

Founded June 28,1939. Affiliated with the American Rose Soceity Adapted from Anyone Can Grow Roses, 4th Edition, Dr. Cynthia Westcott. Adapted by Jim Beardsley. This information is provided to you by the Minnesota Rose Society. For further information, visit our web site at MinnesotaRoseSociety.org