Winter Care

2020 Upcoming Rose Dates

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a nice winter and are ready for some upcoming rose dates!

See the latest schedule below.

Rose 2020 Dates

Lift roses:  April 18th
Prune roses: May 2nd
Mulch roses: June 6th
Tye roses: October 17th – CANCELLED
Tip roses: October 24th – CANCELLED


No Nitrogen Fertilizer

No more nitrogen containing fertilizers for your roses. Instead fertilize with potassium/potash to help your roses harden off for winter. Alaska Morbloom is a good, easy source of potassium.Facebooktwitterlinkedininstagramflickrfoursquaremail

Time to Start Winter Protection

Now is the time to start your winter protection by preparing your roses.

Step 1: Treat roses with high potassium fertilizer every week until roses are covered.

Step 2: Begin tieing roses.Facebooktwitterlinkedininstagramflickrfoursquaremail